dee (vlock) wrote in rockmyjocks,

Name: V.Lock
Age: 16+
Location: SG
Sex: female
Sexual Preference: straight

Sport: softball
Ten Bands: Taking Back Sunday, Toploader, Ramones, Stone Temple Pilots, Stone Roses, Iggy Pop (pls don't mind that he isn't a band), T-Rex, Blondie, Clash, Poison
Five Movies: School Of Rock, That Thing You Do, Down To Earth, Out of Sight, Collateral
Food: d'oh.
Word: fucked
Song: Down In The Tube Station At Midnight - The Jam
Actor: Jack Black
Actress: Liv Tyler
TV show: Becker
Video Game: i don't play video games.

About You
Play Any Instruments: hw abt "trying" to play the bass guitar?
Social Status: mentally-retarded freak
Pet Peeves: cheaters, dumbasses
Anything You Want To Add: nah.

Avril Lavigne: i don't like her music, neither do i like her. but i suppose she's fine if she quits with that "Look, I'm a skater-punk-rock-chick!" attitude.
Gay Marriages: erm, no comments.
Suicide: suicide's just bullshit. no point killing yourself just because of a few problems in life. after all, what IS life without problems?
Self Mutilation: no comments.
Labels: labels are stupid. 'nuff said.
Simple Plan: All Killer No Filler isn't that bad actually. but that doesn't mean i like them. their music appeals to the mass and i guess, that's why teenyboppers like them.
Punk: when i see punk, i think of Iggy Pop. he is the grandfather of punk music.
Emo: emo just means emotional. so many kids these days are turning emo 'cos they think it's cool. hah.
Metal: metal makes me light-headed.
Hip Hop: there are certain credible hiphop artists like oldschool rappers [ie. Coolio, Run DMC] but the hiphop scene these days are just a load of bullcrap.
George W.Bush: dumbass
Abortion: someone should kill the person who invented abortion.
Kurt Cobain's death: a great loss to the rock community. he influenced so many teenagers and to think, he died just like that.

Why Do You Rock Our Jocks?: 'cos i love rock music, generically.
Promote Us In One Community And Give The Link(will be checked): erm, i haven't done yet. i'll do that later.
Would You Bone Beth(Mod): eh?
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