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your jocks have been rocked

Name: amber
Age: 16
Location: struthers, ohio...struthers is a very small suburb of case you're wondering, heh.
Sex: female
Sexual Preference: males

Sport: well, i like to play volleyball, but only watch hockey because i would probably die if i actually tried to play it, heh.
Ten Bands: hmm...only 10? that's difficult...well, here they are are...and in no special order...afi, sum 41, bad religion, my chemical romance, green day, vendetta red, the early november, rufio, reel big fish, and new found glory,
Five Movies: well, i'm into film study and cinematography and love strange and off the wall films...maybe you've heard of a few of them...fear and loathing in las vegas, ed wood, a clockwork orange, donnie darko, and benny and joon,...and...con-air! i know, i know...i listed 6...but i just couldn't help it! so many good movies!
Food: hmm...i have to say...tacos...definitely tacos...with no lettuce!! ...or...white pizza with muchrooms!! white pizza doesn't have any sauce on it. it's the greatest because i absolutely despise sauce.  
Word: hmm...
Song: definitely "the last kiss" - afi
Actor: johnny depp, ewan mcgreggor, john malkovich, john cusack, edward norton, and nicolas cage 
Actress: nicole kidman, demi moore, and mary stuart masterson
TV show: degrassi, dawson's creek, and the oc
Video Game: the last video game i remember playing was mario. and it was on a regular old nintendo when i was like 6 or 7 years old, heh. i need to catch up with the times!

About You
Play Any Instruments:
yes sir i do. i'm a real big band fag as a matter of fact...i'm in the marching band at my high school and i play the flute, the french horn, and mellophone. "this one time at band camp...," heh. and outside of school i play the bass guitar. not in a band though or anything, i play just for fun. 
Social Status: hmm...i've never really thought about it...but i'm a big loser...and i'm in the i'm just this big loser/outcast/weird-o/band fag type person...yeah...

Pet Peeves: i absolutely hate it when someone argues with me about something even though they and i both know that i'm right. and even after i prove them wrong they still proceed to argue with me. heh, i'm a pacifist, but i love debating. i'm an excellent debater.
Anything You Want To Add: vote ralph nader for president...only because i'm not on the ballet, heh.

Avril Lavigne: i personally don't like her...well, i should rephrase that...i don't like her music. i'm not too keen on judging anyone that  i don't really know. i mean, just because she is "famous" that doesn't mean that anyone actually know her or anything about her except what the media tells us. the only thing i can say for sure is that i think her music pretty much sucks.
Gay Marriages: i think that anyone should have the right to marry whoever it is that they want to marry. marriage shouldn't be about your religion. it should be about love. and you should have the right to marry the one you love. and just because you love someone who is the same sex as you are doesn't mean that you shouldn't have the same rights as everyone else and i personally think that that is in direct violation with the bill of rights. 
Suicide: it's really very hard for me to believe that anyone would truly wish to end their own life unless there was seriously something wrong with them. i don't mean that in a mean way. i just mean that something tramatic could have happened to them or they could be severely depressed because os something or another. i don't believe that i myself would ever commit suicide, but i would really advise anyone who thinks that they would to recieve help. i wouldn't think any less of anyone who would or has ever contemplated, considered, or even commited suicide either because you never know the circumstances for someone else's actions because you're not them. you can't read their mind and you do not know what they're feeling.
Self Mutilation: i pretty much feel the same way about this topic as i do about the suicide topic.
Labels: i don't know...i mean, i don't think that labels really serve any purpose in life so there is no need to label people, but they really don't bother me so i really don't care, but that's probably just because i don't care what anyone thinks about me, heh.
Simple Plan: heh, i don't know about you...but i like simple plan. i think they're a pretty cool emo band. one of the coolest in fact, but that's just me.
Punk: ::sighs:: could you not love punk? punk to me the greatest stlye of music ever. it's everything you could ever ask for all in one package. like killing two birds with one stone. it's great. it's also a wonder lifestyle to live by as well. and it's not about the clothes you wear and the people you hang out with or any of that jazz, but about what's in your heart and mind and how you interpert that music we all know and love so much. ahh...punk. it's like trying to describe something so perfect that you're at a loss of words... 
Emo: i love emo bands. it's actually very healthy and natural for people to be depressed sometimes and most emo music definitely does that to you. most emo songs are these beautiful, poetic, love songs about heartbreak and these terrible things in life, but always state that some how ro another everything will be ok in the end and i think that that's something that everyone can relate to on a certain level. it really "touches you at home," as they say. 
Metal: metal is poison the well, i love them. they're totally awesome. but once you get into death metal, then it begins to scare me, heh, for example: cannibal corpse...they're really scary
Hip Hop:
i don't like hip hop, at all. yeah, i mean...some hip hop songs have some good musical (instrumental) notation behind them, but what about the lyrics to the song? the lyrics are all so meaningless and pointless and make no sense what so ever. i just don't understand how people can call a bunch of words, jumbled together, to rhyme, and make absolutely no sense, is worthy of even being considered music.  
George W.Bush: i personally think that he is a terrible president. not that i think john kerry is any better, but i think that the best thing we can do for our country right now is to just bush out of office no matter what means is necessary, bcause no one can make what he has already done to our country any worse, no one.
Abortion: i think that any woman should have the right to decided whether or not she wants to have an abortion because you never know what the circumstance may be. for instance, if a women was raped and became pregnant, would it be right to force her to carry her rapist's child? i certainly don't think so. or what if it had to do with a women's health? how some women die during birth...what if the doctor predicted her death? would it be right to force her to give up her own life giving birth to another life? i know it might seem kind of selfish, but no one truly wants to die, for anyone. and if they do than that should be their own decision and i feel very strongly about this topic.
Kurt Cobain's death: a very sad moment in history indeed. i often wonder where our generations music would be today if it weren't for people like kurt cobain. i believe that this man has inspired so many of us and made an impact on so many our lives and that he will go down in history for his musical accomplishments. i've also wondered, and this strikes amazment into me, that how kurt cobain could have had such an impact on so many people, yet there are just as many who have no idea who he is nor could care less. they have no respect for anyone before our time and are so incompetent that they fail to realize that everything we are and have today has come from the generations before us. it baffles me how some people just don't get that, it really does.

Why Do You Rock Our Jocks?:
well, that would be because i'm a very interesting, intelligent, exciting person who, at times can be very opinionated and cynical, but most of the time is extremely friendly and fun to be around and loves to meet new people and make new friends...but most a punk rocker to the very end!!
Promote Us In One Community And Give The Link(will be checked):
Would You Bone Beth(Mod): yes, i would rock her jocks off
Post A Pic To Make Us Laugh: want some laughs, eh? well, for big laughs go to this website... it's my very favorite website in the entire world and it has some of the most oh so hilarious stuff i've ever seen on it. 
Post 3 Pictures Of Yourself (one must be a clear shot of your face): oh snap...i'm sorry, but i don't have a digital camera...or anything spiffy like that. and i'm kind of computer stupid. so i have no idea how i would be able to post a picture on here without a digital camera, unless i had a scanner, but i don't have one of those either. hmm...i hope this doesn't affect my application because i really put some time into my answers. i hope my charming personality will be enough to persuade you...; ) the way...i'm sorry if i made any spelling errors...i type really fast and somethimes i don't catch myself when i make mistakes. a lot of people complain about my many spelling errors, heh.

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