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Your jocks have been rocked

Le applicashion

Sexual Preference:straight

Sport:my mind and body don't mix with sports, like how jesus can't mix with alcohol...if that makes any kind of sense...
Ten Bands:my favorite part....from first to last, my chemical romance, taking back sunday, a static lullaby, the used, new radicals, underOATH(just got into them), system of a down, le tigre, atreyu, and letter kills
Five Movies:hmm, finding neverland, 28 days later, shaun of the dead, 50 first dates, princess mononoke

Food:any kind of asian food, espcially noodles and sushi
Song:Someday we'll know-new radicals...I luv this song
Actor:johnny depp, sean penn, adam sandler, jack black
Actress:nicole kidman
TV show:AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, family guy, futurama, boy meets world, csi, degrassi, radio free roscoe
Video Game:not very much into video games, but i like the sims 2

About You
Play Any Instruments:pshaw, no, but im learning the drums
Social Status:im in a group where were all really different, but have one thing in common sort of thing, which im still trying to figure out
Pet Peeves:i CANNOT stand ignorant people.
Anything You Want To Add:im fucking up my spanish grade right a final tomorrow

Avril Lavigne:Im not quite sure. I mean i haven't really followed her and the things people say about her. I know that they all call her poser and fake, i know i have at one point, just so that everybody wouldn't gasp and be like "U HAVE TO HATE HER OR ELSE YOURE A POSER TOO!" so in the end i have no idea what  I think of her just because I don't really know herand her music if people want to call it that
Gay Marriages: I think that all people should be able to marry, we do live in america, but I was wondering, do they have like a non-church/religious marriage, and still call the marriage legal sort of thing. Because i think that church should be seperate from state.
Suicide:I don't understand why people would want to kill themselves...When i think of suicide, i know that whatever i'm going thorugh will eventually pass, but I guess some people can't think that far ahead
Self Mutilation: I know a few people who cut or have cut, and one of them is a goth, while the other is the popular chick. I don't know, i can partly understand why they would do it, but what i don't understand is if it works
Labels:It's inevitable, i don't care for them much, but i admit i use them all the time
Simple Plan:I personally can't stand simple plan, just because of the lead singers voice. It's so fricken annoying, it sounds like he's whining. But that's the only reason.
Punk:To be honest, i have no idea what punk is these days. So many things are characterized as punk, i get confused.
Emo: I love emo, even though some say there's no such thing
Metal:What is metal? is it like hard rock? i obviously need to be taight what these genres are
Hip Hop:I used to love hip-hop, but then i got into rock, and thats where i am now, so i kinda know the best of both worlds i guess
George W.Bush:I don't really care much for him, like how he sent us to war looking for nuclear weapons, and it turned out there werent any, but u think colin powell did that...
Abortion:Im all for pro-choice, espcially if the woman is a teenager, but other than that, like if a grown woman is doing it just because she forgot to use a condom, then i go for the other one, i forget wut its
Kurt Cobain's death:I barely even know anything about kurt, which is sacreligious since im from his hometown, but oh well, my friend seems to care enough for the both of us.

Why Do You Rock Our Jocks?:i fucking love music...all kinds
Promote Us In One Community And Give The Link(will be checked): the pic dint really show up, maybe it's just me
Would You Bone Beth(Mod):Yes, I would rock her jock off!
Post A Pic To Make Us Laugh:Or maybe thats more scary, but i find it funny...
Post 3 Pictures Of Yourself (one must be a clear shot of your face)


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