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Application ->
Name: Nienke
Age: Sweet Seventeen
Location: Holland
Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: straight, most of the time

Ten Bands: Oasis, Three Days Grace, Stereophonics, Seether, U2, Beatles, The Used, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, GEM, Jet
Five Movies: The Godfather, Dangerous Beauty, Se7en, Gladiator, Pulp Fiction
Food: Pizza! and strawberries with wipped cream
Word: uhhh
Song:there too many good songs
Actor: Johnny Depp, Al Pacino
Actress: uhmm... Julia Roberts?
TV show: Joan of Arcadia
Video Game: dont play videogames

About You
Play Any Instruments: Piano, trying to play guitar
Social Status: love attention
Pet Peeves: ?
Anything You Want To Add: ....

Avril Lavigne: Nice music, bad image, too much hey look at me being alternative
Gay Marriages: Gay Marriages are legal here, so no problem with that
Suicide: the easy way out
Self Mutilation: harmfull
Labels: ...
Simple Plan: Nice :)
Punk: nice, makes me happy
Emo: Not my cup of tea
Metal: luvely
Hip Hop: can be fun
George W.Bush: asshole
Abortion: in favour of that
Kurt Cobain's death: waste

Why Do You Rock Our Jocks?: i love music, thats it :)
Promote Us In One Community And Give The Link(will be checked):
Would You Bone Beth(Mod): Yes,I would rock her jocks off
Post A Pic To Make Us Laugh:
Post 3 Pictures Of Yourself (one must be a clear shot of your face): check out Http:// and look under Nienke z/w :)
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