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Rock My Jocks

Or Suck My Cock

How hard do you rock?
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-You can be as mean as you like. We don't really care. It's just for fun.
-Rate them from a scale of 1-10 on how hard the rock your jocks. Anything above 7 is a yes. Under 7 is a no.
-Rate them on EVERYTHING looks, personality, music taste, everything.
-Don't be a whiney bitch.
-You may promote other communites but you must put it under a lj-cut and for the subject line have it say "Promoting"
-If you aren't promoting put in the subject line "Stamped"
-You can post anything you want, as long as it wont offend members/moderators etc.

-Put in the subject line "Your jocks have been rocked" so we know you read the rules.
-Put effort into your application. None of these one word answers, otherwise you'll be guarenteed a No from me [moderator]. Elaborate on your answers as much as you can.
-If you're a homophobe piss off and don't bother to join, you'll be rejected for sure.
-Please <*b>bold<*/b> your answers. If you don't I'll delete you're post and you will have to do it again.
-USE A GODDAMN LJ CUT!!!! If you don't know how to it's <*lj-cut text="What you want to say here.But don't type you're application here"*>
Then you type your application after this and to close it off with.
-For the question "would you bone Beth?" put Yes,I would rock her jocks off.
-You must be 14 or older to join
Just remove the stars.

Le Applicashion

Sexual Preference:

Ten Bands:
Five Movies:
TV show:
Video Game:

About You
Play Any Instruments:
Social Status:
Pet Peeves:
Anything You Want To Add:

Avril Lavigne:
Gay Marriages:
Self Mutilation:
Simple Plan:
Hip Hop:
George W.Bush:
Kurt Cobain's death:

Why Do You Rock Our Jocks?:
Promote Us In One Community And Give The Link(will be checked):
Would You Bone Beth(Mod):
Post A Pic To Make Us Laugh:
Post 3 Pictures Of Yourself (one must be a clear shot of your face)

Your lovely mods.

Beth( maddenluvlovato)


Accepted Banner

Rejected Banner

-Just remove the asteriks!
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